Diaries and Journals and Memoirs and Oh, My

What do diaries and journals have to do with memoirs? More and less than you might think. I'll be addressing these questions and more at the upcoming Memoir Festival, where participants will have a chance to write and talk with Cheryl Strayed (Wild), Malachy McCourt (A Monk Swimming), Alphie McCourt (A Long Stone's Throw), and me (To Have Not). The event is hosted by Fred Poole (Authentic Writing) and Marta Szabo (The Guru Looked Good), who teach Authentic Writing workshops. The Memoir Festival takes place August 8 through 10 at the Omega Institute, a renowned retreat center in New York State.

Comfort is key for writing at the Memoir Festival.

Sandals are perfectly acceptable attire for this weekend full of writing, reading, listening, talking, discovering, and breathing--I think Omega is the kind of place where you do a lot of breathing.

If you can't wait for the Memoir Festival, you can check out some of my thoughts on diaries, journals, and memoirs, at the Omega blog. My favorite journals? Those black-and-white speckled lab books.

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