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Always fun to recommend books I have not read. Here are some February & March releases that look intriguing, notable, and possibly bound for glory. I wish I could tell you more, but I haven't, uh, read them.

Her: A Memoir by Christa Pavaranni. The author is a twin; her sister died. Blurbs from Jayne Anne Phillips, Dorothy Allison, and more. This looks like one of those books that might start a small earthquake inside you.

The Blue Book by A.L. Kennedy. The British author writes a lot of books that win a lot of awards. This one's got an intriguing love-and-deception premise that looks like it could boost the Entertainment value of Literature: Two fake-psychic con artists, who used to be lovers, bump into each other on a cruise ship. She's with her new boyfriend, but can't seem to let the old one go...

After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story by Michael Hainey. A newsman like his dad, Hainey (Deputy Ed of GQ) sets out to find the truth about the death of his father, who died alone, of an apparent heart attack, in a car parked on the North side of Chicago.

The Memory of Love by Linda Olsson. There's something so intangibly attractive about this petite novel (a slim 5x7) about the friendship between a middle-aged woman with a troubled past and a young boy with a troubled present. The Boston Globe has praised Olsson's "dark lyricism." This takes place on the rugged New Zealand coast.

Pieces of Light: How the New Science of Memory Illuminates the Stories We tell About Our Pasts by Charles Fernyhough. Perhaps it's because I write and teach memoir, but I can't wait to read the facts about the fictions I think are facts.

Above All Things by Tanis Rideout. A first novel about the man who tries to climb Everest "because it's there" (George Mallory) and the woman who loved him (his wife Ruth). History+Romance+Frostbite= Bestseller? Looks lightish but yummy.

If you read any of these, please let me know if they live up to my hype.

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